So this is the last Lemon Inc. comic of part one. This will be where the first book ends. This was one of the first Lemon Inc. comics I ever wrote. I wanted to end part one by focusing on Andy’s personality flaws and I also wanted to end on a joke so when I was trying to come up with an ending I found this comic burried in a Word document and I thought it worked perfectly. Now that part one is finished I’m going to take a short break from the comic. There are multiple reasons for this. In short, I want to take some time to put together the first book and to plan out the next storyline. I also want to look into putting together a portfolio for college. I’ll go into more detail about it in a blog post. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, or Facebook, or to subscribe to the RSS feed, to get updates on when the comic will return. This comic is also pretty late. I’ve been super slow at drawing lately. Sorry guys. I blame Google+.