Again I was cutting this one VERY close to the deadline. :dizzy: I was having a hard time deciding just how I should go about representing a hip and swanky refreshment kiosk. I ended up showing it as a sort of nightclub that serves lemonade. I wanted it to have pretentious feel to it that says “are you swanky enough for this refreshment kiosk?!” and “if the answer is no then get the hell out of the kiosk!” I’m not sure why the bartender is shirtless but I’m sure it’s all part of Andy’s bizarre fantasy. :wassat:

Fun Fact: Andy’s dad has a mustache but you can’t see it as his face remains hidden behind the newspaper throughout the comic. This is intentional but I’m not sure what the purpose of this is. I think that I’m trying to show as little of the adults faces as possible so that it creates the illusion that the kids have their own little version of the adults’ world.

I think this one is pretty funny. I’m not sure how good the art is but I worked really hard on it so I’m going to think that it looks rad. 😆 Please tell me whether it actually is in the comments.