Now that 2010 has officially come to an end I thought I would do a recap of some storylines from the last year and talk about some other Lemon Inc. related things that happened in 2010.

Storyline Recap

The year started out with Andy and Jeff building the lemonade stand. Well, I guess Andy didn’t really build it but he did a lot of overseeing. They had a tight budget so they had to make some compromises.

However, none of the compromises they made were nearly as devastating as the one a Mr. Gerald Jenkins (also known as “the sad guy”) had to make when he learnt that Andy and Jeff couldn’t sell him any lemonade, thrusting him into a bleak depression. Poor Gerald tries to stay optimistic but despite his repeated attempts to attain lemonade he remains unsuccessful. Even Santa mocks him.

The reason Andy and Jeff couldn’t sell Gerald any lemonade could probably be attributed to the fact that they didn’t have any lemons although they din’t exactly know what to do with them when they did aquire them. And did they ever aquire them. I wouldn’t have wanted to be the cashier that checked them out… for many reasons.

What did they do when they had a ridiculous amount of lemons but didn’t know what to do with them? They dressed Jeff up in a Bird costume and harassed Tommy, who wants nothing more than a Funstation 2, to come work for their company in the hopes that he would know what to do with the lemons. When Tommy didn’t show up they started hiring other employees and discovered that ElephantĂ© is possessed by an evil spirit has a cool trunk and hired him immediately. There are still many positions left to fill at Lemon Inc. though and there are people who would be interested in filling them including Alison, and possibly Rachel and Becky whose introduction marked the end of 2010. In 2011 we will find out who will fill these positions and finally see Lemon Inc. established.

Personal Acheivements In 2010

I made a lot of improvement in my art this year. I started inking with a brush and figured out some colour theory.

I was honered to have Andy and Jeff as guests on Woody After Hours, the webcomic by Ben Carter and Paul Westover about a late night talk show host who happens to interview other webcomic characters. While everything else was drawn by Paul, Andy and Jeff were drawn by me. You can read their interview on Woody After Hours starting with this comic.

I redesigned the website, which was one of last year’s resolutions. The new site design is SO MUCH better than the old  site. I’m really happy with this design and I don’t plan to do a major overhaul for a while. Still, I’ve noticed a few things that could be updated or improved upon which I hope to implement in the new year.

A reader of Lemon Inc. happened to like the site design enough to hire me to design their website. It was my first paid web design job and I think it turned out pretty well. I’ll talk about it more once all the aspects of the site have been completed.

I also co-formed the webcomics collective, Ink Bomb Comics, with Kevin Coulston, Sean McLean, and Matt McCray. I believe the collective will be a great way for us to cross-promote our comics. We are still developing the content for the website but the main page of the collective’s site is a one-stop-shop for news about all four of us.

I intend to post another blog post announcing some of my plans for 2011 later this month.

Happy New Year,