Welcome to the new website! Lemon Inc. 2.0! Even though it’s been a bit less than a year since I launched the comic I’ve had a lot of ideas for making the website better and I’ve tried to implement all of them into the new design. I hope you like it.

New Layout

The comic itself is actually a bit smaller but I feel that this makes it easier to read since it requires less scrolling and the image loads faster. When I designed the old website I was using a fairly small screen resolution and as a result it didn’t look very good on higher ones. The new website is designed for wider screen resolutions. However I’ve also tested it on lower ones and it looks good as well.

New Content

I’ve completely rewritten the about page and merged it with the cast page. There’s also a little information about me there now. I intend to start updating this blog with occasional blog posts from the characters’ perspectives. As a bonus, When you hover over the occasional comic you will see commentary by Andy.

New Downloadables

I kept wanting to upload a bunch of avatars to the extras page but never got around to it. Well if you go to the extras page now you’ll see a bunch of avatars there. More to come! I also plan to create some new desktops soon.

Follow Lemon Inc.

Lemon Inc. has had a facebook fan page for a little while now but I never got around to blogging about it. I figured that now would be the perfect time to do so. If you use Facebook then become a fan. You can also follow me on Twitter as @lemoninc. You can even follow Andy and Jeff on Twitter now as @AndyLemon and @jeffypoos.

Runs on Comicpress

The website runs on WordPress, with the Comicpress theme. In my opinion Comicpress is the best way to run a webcomic with WordPress. Version 2.9 is better than ever. It has just about every feature a webcomic site could want and even some feautures that I didn’t realize I wanted until I used Comicpress. This site wouldn’t be possible without it. Comicpress was created by Tyler Martin. John Coswell created a wordpress plugin that improves the way the theme handles comic files and Philip M. Hofer helped develop and update the theme and added a bunch of new features to it. Phil is always giving lots of assistance to webcomic artists like me in the Comicpress support forums and on twitter. Their work is greatly appreciated! I’d also like to thank John Wigger from the webcomic, Zombie Roomie, for his custom menubar tutorial and for his help with styling my WordPress pages.

Clearly I’m very excited about the new website and the future of Lemon Inc. Please let me know if you discover any bugs in the website. I’m already aware of a few that I’m trying to figure out how to fix such as the comic notes showing on the second page of the blog.