I want to redesgin the website. There a re a few goals I hope to achieve by doing this including:

  • Make the comic smaller to reduce scrolling
  • Create a shorter header to reduce scrolling and to bring  the comic up
  • Make a cool looking header that sets the mood for the comic
  • Put the calendar/archive menu closer to the comic itself so that it’s easier to navigate the comics
  • Move the blog higher up on the page to reduce scrolling
  • Rewrite the about and cast pages to better reflect the comic
  • Add new features and content (to be announced once website is launched)
  • increase ad space while separating the ads from the content

Here is a draft of the new design’s layout…


Please tell me what you think of it or let me know if there is anything that is especially important to you regarding the design of a webcomic site. 😉