Lemon Inc. officially launches today. :happy: Technically it’s already launched since I’ve already posted two comics but when I say that it’s “officially” launched I mean that it has started updating with comics that have never been posted on the blogspot page or my Flickr page and that I’m going to start keeping a reliable update schedule.

If you visited Lemon inc.’s Blogspot page then you know that I had posted some early Lemon Inc. comics there. This WAS NOT a launch of the comic in any way. I didn’t do these in any particular order. I just did the first gags or scenes that came to mind so that I could get some experience doing the comic and experiment a bit before I set up this website.

However I’d always intended for Lemon Inc. to be a storyline based comic and most of the gags were fragments of storylines. I didn’t post many of the comics that are on the Blogspot page on the website because they come chronologically later than the comics that I’m posting right now.

I have refined my process since I created those comics and feel that they no longer meet the same level of quality as the comics I’m doing now in terms of art at least. Therefore I’m not sure weather I should post them before the comics that come chronologically first, post them later on where they belong in the story, or redraw them altogether. How would you like to see these comics? If anyone has an opinion on this please let me know. 😉