If you actually care, follow me on Twitter (link at bottom of page.) I draw, play piano, and work and stuff. My twitter and social media activities include promoting Lai Guys Comics, and spreading my strangeness.

Jen is on DeviantART

Indeed I am. Here’s a painting I have posted there. Creepy Blue Teddy by ~JLai on deviantART You can view my entire gallery here. Perhaps you will take a liking to some pieces… pherhaps you will  favorite them and, perhaps, you will watch me, hmmm? Just kidding… perhaps….

The Wabbit Club

I am on Twitter (@ilovemom) and you should be too. Recently, I started a .. let’s call it a club, on Twitter for Twitter users with “screaming rabbit avatars.” Basically, Twitter users with a screaming rabbit as their avatar get into the club. This is the list of Twitter users with screaming rabbit avatars. You want in? […]

Carrot Hot-Dog

Carrot Hot-Dog

This is a painted bunny, eating a carrot hot-dog. Enjoy. Jen, @ilovemom