Lemon Inc. Spotlight and Desktop

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I updated this area so I thought I should do a summary of any relevant Lemon Inc. related news here in case you haven’t been following the blog.

Kurt Sasso of the podcast TGT Webcomics was kind enough to do a spotlight on Lemon Inc. on his website! Go read it and while you’re there you should try listening to the podcast where he interviews various webcomic authors. I’m a fan.


In other Lemon Inc. related news I intend to make some Lemon Inc. desktops and buddy icons for you to download. This is the first desktop based on this comic. If you’re not sure which one to choose go here. If you want one in a different resolution just contact me.



I-Phone sized. Also good for a Blackberry Storm.

I-Phone sized. Also good for a Blackberry Storm. (Edit: apparently it is very important to some people that I mention that this wallpaper is also appropriate for a Palm Pre, which, is the best phone ever and everyone should own one).


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